Drone Zone LLC is comprised entirely of FAA certificated Airline Transport pilots, Commercial & Private pilots, Military pilots and U.S. Coast Guard Certified Maritime Captains.  All Drone Zone LLC associates are certificated FAA Part 107 Commercial Drone pilots. Our pilots are vetted through the FBI and Homeland Security. We're a highly professional cadre with more than 120 years combined aeronautical and marine experience. We take a no-nonsense, safety driven approach to aerial videography and photography. As an added plus we provide exceptional post-production creative services beyond the capturing of footage and images. We have over 30 combined years of post-production experience including creation of important visual communications at the highest level of American corporate enterprises, marketing communications departments and ad agencies as well as primetime network television broadcast with nationwide carriage. 

Ready to Fly...
1st Class!

Going where it's difficult to go. Capturing the big picture in a way that brings perspective, size and scope to elevate your message or bring a fresh sense of awareness to your communications.
Getting the "shot."
Over, under, around and through visually, whether it's from a bird's eye or at ground level.
Smooth moves.

Our visual “takes” are silky smooth. We are skilled in the practice of capturing compound moving footage. That is, we go beyond simple camera rises and falls or zoom ins and outs. We capture the "sweet spot" from every scene to create the most interest and convey maximum information while creating dramatic viewer involvement.

After the shoot...

What is to be done with your new aerial footage or photographs just recorded? How will you best utilize those visual assets? We provide turnkey creative post production services as required including video editing with visual graphic effects, titling and soundtrack with voice and music. We deliver finished, directly usable digital media appropriate for your purpose or application.

1st Class.
We use only state-of-the art drone equipment, accessories and safety equipment. All Drone Zone LLC aircraft  have low-hour usage histories and are rigidly maintained for high performance and reliability. Our accounting practices fully comply with FAA regulations and clients are provided with comprehensive documentation.
Safety 1st.
The Drone Zone LLC basic crew includes an FAA Part 107 licensed Drone Pilot to maneuver the aircraft, a Director of Photography to supervise the videography and a Visual Observer to keep line-of-site visual contact with the aircraft at all times. 
Safety always.

We employ specific guidelines for safety -- for people on the ground, buildings and equipment and other airborne objects. We utilize an on-board parachute recovery system in the unlikely event of lost control, battery depletion or other instances.

Well managed.

Our membership in AlarisPro UAS Fleet Management is further commitment to our safety and quality. Membership in AlarisPro distinguishes us as a professional Unmanned Aircraft System organization and it provides third-party verification of our operations and product performance. Drone Zone LLC is fully Internationally insured.

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Drone Zone LLC Core Team Members

Drone Zone LLC associate pilots and support crew are centrally managed by three key individuals.
Robert Macgregor ("Greg") Braunig   

Greg earned a Master of Business Administration degree in Aviation Management, and Master of Science degree in Aeronautics from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. He is a retired Senior Boeing Captain with USAirways. Capt. B-727, B-737, Total flight time: 31,700 hrs. Fixed Wing TurboJet & Propellor. Greg is Drone Zone LLC's CEO/Managing Member/Chief Pilot/Director of Training conducting FAA Part 107 Drone ground and flight training activities. And, he is an operational on-site Drone Imaging Pilot.  He holds FAA Licensure: Airline Transport Pilot, Advanced/Instrument Ground Instructor, FAR Part 107 Remote Pilot sUAS, Flight Engineer (Turbo Jet), Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic. USCG Licensure: Master Near Coastal 500 Gross Ton, Auxiliary Sail, Commercial Assist Towing, Radar Observer (Unlimited), Able Seaman (Unlimited), RFPNW, Lifeboatman, Survival Craft And Rescue Boats, STCW current in all ratings, FCC: Marine Radio Operators License. TWIC Home Land Security Port Access Authority. Military: United States Navy Combat Veteran 6 years  Honorable Service: 4 years Active Sea Duty, 2 years Reserve. Greg is a member of the United States Air Force Auxiliary, Florida Wing, serving Sarasota (CAP) Squadron 044 as a Transport/Mission Pilot and Squadron Maintenance Officer. He is a member of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, Sarasota Flotilla 82, liaison to (CAP) Joint Air/Ground/Sea search and rescue training exercises.

Scott Breuninger 
Scott holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications from Emerson College. He has extensive experience as Senior Writer, Director and producer of important communications for top corporations including Senior Staff up to and including CEO's of several Fortune 100 companies in both the Private and Public sectors. He has a high degree of experience supporting communications mission objectives for Marketing Communications departments and Ad Agencies. Scott has produced and directed primetime television network content with national carriage. He is an FAA certificated Private Pilot with over 300 hours as Pilot In Command and an FAA Part 107 licensed Commercial Drone Operator.  He is Drone Zone LLC's Director of Photography, Media  Producer and  Associate Unmanned Aerial Drone Pilot.
Ray Deer 

Ray holds a Bachelor Of Science Degree from Auburn University in Aviation Management and an M.B.A. from the University of Sarasota. He is an operational on-site Drone Imaging Pilot and Assistant Director of Training conducting FAA Part 107 Drone ground and flight training activities. Ray holds FAA ratings in Private Pilot/Instrument and FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot sUAS. He has a total fixed wing time of over 600 hours. He is an active member of United States Air Force Auxiliary: Deputy Commander Florida Wing, Sarasota (CAP) Squadron 044. He oversees training activities and operations conducted by (CAP) Transport/Mission Pilot Flight Officers, administration staffing, Airborne Search and Rescue coordinating ground Urban Direction Finding operations, FEMA Aerial reconnaissance activities.

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